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Bad Air Quality Impact on Human Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 8 million deaths are caused by poor air quality, and the problem is especially glaring in India due to vast regional, climatic, and environmental differences. Much of the attention has been focused on outdoor air quality although we spend 90% of our time indoors. Breathing indoor pollutants that are 2 to 5 times worse than outdoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

That lack of awareness invisibly harms people’s health, causing symptoms like eye discomfort and breathing issues. It can even affect the heart. Certain groups, like students and healthcare workers, are more at risk because they spend a lot of time in closed environments with poor IAQ. We were determined to find solutions to these problems by embarking on a journey to make IAQ better, thus improving lives, lifestyles, and workspaces.

See and improve what you breathe

The way to the solution was through an intense and close collaboration on indoor air quality between the Japanese conglomerate and HHG as its product development partner in India. Development of the product, from idea to implementation, took many unexpected evolutionary turns and twists, revealing new problems and solutions along the way. Helped by our robust ecosystem comprising specialized teams in hardware, software, and data analytics, we maneuvered the project through the product development and tech stages.


  • Unexplored market segment

    Building a solution for indoor air quality in India was near-virgin territory with a potentially disinterested or unaware clientele and an as-yet undeveloped business model.

  • Creating a data-driven IAQ monitoring solution

    When we started out, the main challenge was to create a product that can not only measure key pollutants in indoor air but also generate data 24X7 to create a strong and reliable dataset for analysis.

  • Making the IAQ challenge visible

    Our primary objective was to introduce a compact IoT-based IAQ monitoring device that allows users to see the air they breathe in terms of pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, CO2, and TVOC and keep track of temperature and humidity levels. Our effort was, and subsequently build a bouquet of services that can help improve IAQ.

  • Be a fast mover

    Speed was of the essence. Within a year,. We aimed to complete the steps of scope preparation, product rationale and tech scope, prototyping, and testing.

Key Features

24x7 IAQ monitoring

The IAQ device facilitates functions like the measurement, recording, and analysis of key indoor air pollutants.

Air Quality Index
Air Quality Index

Data-driven solutions for improving IAQ

The device helps the formulation of data-driven action plans, thereby providing realistic and cost-efficient remedies to substantially enhance IAQ and create a healthier indoor space for their customers, employees, clients, and other stakeholders

Giving businesses an edge over competitors

The IAQ device and solutions have the potential to help businesses augment revenues.

Air Quality Index

Providing bespoke solutions

Our strategic marketing approach and pre- to post-installation support system centers on promoting comprehensive consultancy services while simultaneously presenting holistic solutions to enhance IAQ based on the needs of specific businesses, sites, or locations.

Air Quality Index

Aligns with the global “Pure Rooms” movement in the hospitality sector, particularly vital in regions with poor air quality like India.